Portable Electric Protein Shaker
Portable Electric Protein Shaker
Portable Electric Protein Shaker
Portable Electric Protein Shaker
Portable Electric Protein Shaker

Portable Electric Protein Shaker

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Fed up of lumpy, grainy protein or diet shakes when at the gym or out and about?

Our amazing portable electric protein shaker puts an end to all of that shaking and rattling to get anything that tastes palatable from a scoop of powder or a sachet.

Whether you're bulking up on the protein powder or trying not to stray from Cambridge Weight Plan powdered shakes, this electric shaker is a godsend!

We've tested it - in our kitchen, at the cinema, on a plane (!) and on the beach -- and can vouch 100% that it works brilliantly!  You get deliciously smooth shakes and drinks in under 30 seconds!  No more lumps and grit!

Holding up to 600ml, there is a twist-seal lid and sports flip cap.  A handy measurement scale means you can top up accurately with bottled water or from a fountain anywhere.  There's also a built-in holder to keep powder easy to hand and dry.

The BPA free clear plastic is safe and non-toxic -- and the shaker is amazingly leak free!  Carry it in your gym bag or handbag and it won't leak like other sports bottles we've tested.

The blade has been carefully shaped and engineered to provide maximum mixing at 9,000rpm.  You couldn't shake a sports bottle or traditional shaker at anywhere near that velocity -- which is why this dispenses drinks which are silky smooth.

We've also made sure the blade is plastic and not sharp edged -- safe for taking through airport security for smooth shakes at your destination or even on the plane!  The whirlwind cyclone whizzes up drinks in seconds.

Unlike cheaper versions, ours includes a USB charging cable and has a full 600ml capacity -- so you're never caught short of power when your mealtime or post-workout metabolism need a boost!   It runs brilliantly from batteries while out and about - but can also be recharged and powered via the USB cable provided (from your phone charging plug or a USB battery pack).

And we've thought of everything -- the base detaches for easy cleaning and maintenance without affecting the electronics.

We love this product and it's kept us on track at the gym and on our meal replacement plans!  If you've got a rattly old protein shaker that doesn't give you delicious, smooth drinks, it's time to upgrade!

We put the water in first, then the powder, for maximum mixage and delicious taste.